This morning I woke up at 8.40am. I woke up at 8.40am and I live a 20 minute walk from work. I start work at 9am.

I shot out of bed, alarming a half-asleep David with too much sudden, rapid movement and a screeching repetition of the word “fuck”.

I threw on random clothes (thank heavens for dress down Friday), forgot to brush hair, and then slapped on foundation while the lift took me to the ground floor of my apartment block.

Then I jogged to work. I JOGGED through Birmingham city centre. Red faced, flushed, panting, scarf trailing behind me.

I arrived at 9am on the dot.

Which would have been an incredible success had I not promised the night before I would, in fact, be in at 8.45am.

Was called out instantly of course.

Apologetically, sheepishly promised I would only take half a lunch break, then slunk off to make a strong coffee.

What a way to begin a Friday morning.

My hair was a chip pan. I had a spot on my chin. My jumper had a weird mark on it that I picked off distractedly while at my desk.

What the hell.

This hasn’t happened since my uni days, where I would roll out of bed at 8.50am, roll out the campus door at 8.55am and into my lecture hall at 9am bang on. And that was cool because I was student and I deserved a medal for even BEING in that lecture.

But I am 25 now. This isn’t on. I am an ADULT.

My parents always manage to get to work on time, looking nice. My mum, a business manager, has the best work wardrobe and always looks supremely polished and smart. She has breakfast before she goes, usually has a packed lunch ready too. My dad, a teacher, leaves for school at 7.30am every day so he can prepare for what’s ahead.

When am I going to do that?!

I want to wake up an hour before I have to leave and enjoy a nice hot coffee, some cereal and a bit of BBC Breakfast or Frazier. Then I’ll take a leisurely shower, dry my hair, pick out non-crumpled clothes, apply careful make-up and then WALK to work in a calm and orderly fashion.

Perhaps time for a new project. Instead of the September Blogging Challenge, I might try the October Getting Up An Hour Before I Have To Go Anywhere Challenge.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

p.s. I bought dry shampoo at lunch so my hair is fluffy and happy now. And I applied more make-up to the dreaded spot. Plus I had a really delicious chicken tikka sandwich which did well in making my day considerably better.

Happy Friday!