If you want to start a little project in 2018, I’d highly recommend downloading the app 1SE.

It’s been my creative task since 1 Jan 2017 – and it’s been a wonderful way to look back at the absolute highlights of the year.

In a nutshell, you record a one second clip each day of the year, and the 1SE app mashes them together into a video lasting just over six minutes.

I try and pick the highlight of each day to record. Sometimes I capture a brilliant little clip (I have ones of me bell-ringing in a church, practising ballroom, having dinner with friends, enjoying a summer drink outside with David…) and other times, I have no idea what to film… and end up usually zooming in on my hot dog pasta dinner, or hassling David to smile into the camera with me while he’s busy trying to relax after a long day at work.

The other day I realised I hadn’t recorded ANYTHING for 4 September. A blank entry! I couldn’t have that. So, on Saturday, I filmed myself pouring hot water into my coffee cup. That’ll do. (Shh, you surely won’t remember come Dec 31).

Of course, while also being an excellent way to make memories, the other excellent part of the app is forcing people you love to sit down and watch the entire six minute video on New Year’s Day – something I’m very much looking forward to.

I’ve already made David endure it at the three, six and nine month mark. He grudgingly sits down and watches hundreds of clips of himself biting into a burger, lying in a boat, flipping a pancake, playing PS4, trying to relax, trying to study, or trying to teach… (besides myself, he’s the person I spend most of my time with – so a good 80% of the clips are of him carrying out mundane tasks).

At least he knows what it’s like now to be famous, or be on Big Brother…

So if you’re after a New Year’s resolution for 2018, have a look at 1SE. My video so far makes me smile so much – it features all the people and places I love most in the world.

I’m even considering carrying it on for another year… (not that I’d tell David that yet).