I’m at ‘home home’ for the weekend, seeing family and friends.

These days ‘home’ is Birmingham.

But ‘home home’ is Cirencester, where I grew up – where I lived from ages 0-18.

Cirencester has always been a solid, stable part of my life.

My first school, my first Saturday job, my first REAL full time job at the local newspaper when I was a newly graduated 21-year-old – it all happened here. First friends, first crush, first tipsy night out.

It was a lovely place to grow up. Quiet, kind, gentle.

I can’t imagine how I would have fared growing up in Birmingham… it seems impossibly different.

But then, perhaps it wasn’t? We never know anything else when we grow up. Home is home. It’s safe and comfortable for most of us, regardless of whether it’s a small Cotswold village or the middle of a bustling city.

Mum and I acted as tourists in Cirencester today. We paid our £3 to head to the very top of the church tower, taking cheesy selfies once we arrived. I even got to ring the bells… and literally left the ground in the process.

Ringing those bells like a pro

It was fun seeing our little town with fresh news eyes.

I love both my home towns. My old, stable, safe Cirencester and my new, exciting, busy Birmingham – I feel very lucky to have two places I can feel so happy in.

This is my final post for my September Blogging Challenge. Not forever final, I will be back – just not tomorrow! Tomorrow I will be sleeping.

It’s been such a blast and I’ve loved it!

Have a happy weekend. 😊