Feeling like a chunk today.

I have eaten:

  • Two large samosas
  • Two large spring rolls
  • A slab of cheesecake
  • Two chocolate-coated strawberry and marshmallow kebabs

It doesn’t look like much all written down like that. But it was a lot. I am stuffed.

It’s all been for an excellent cause though – our office raised about £750 for Macmillan Cancer Support in just three hours through selling cakes, raffle tickets, and handing out glasses of prosecco.

I feel like I need to go on a swift diet now though.

One of David’s new nicknames for me is “butterball” which I’m not sure if I enjoy or not. It sounds cute, but it also insinuates I am round and rather fattening. But also maybe delicious?

Anyway, his nicknames vary so wildly that I’m hoping the next one will be “Princess Meg”, “Queen Fabulous” or similar.

Diet cannot start until Monday though – as is tradition with diets.

Also, I am going to Cote Brasserie with the girls later and, really, it would be a crime not to have steak, chips and red wine. And maybe a pud. Especially on a Friday night.

Oh, and then it’s Strictly on Saturday with Mum and we probably have to have another small glass of wine.

And then it’s Sunday… Which means pyjamas, snacks, and mugs of hot chocolate galore.


Happy weekend everyone!

Love, Butterball x