Can I give my two penneth?

I’ve been thinking of writing about this for a while but kept thinking, what if people disagree with me?

What a ridiculous thought. Of course people are going to disagree with me.

So here I am.

I love Strictly, I love dancing. I’ve only been a part of the ballroom and Latin world for about a year and a half but I’ve loved every second so far.

Yes, this is the 21st century and we want our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren to grow up believing anything is possible. We want them to know that gay is OK, that dressing differently, feeling differently is completely and utterly OK.

But I don’t understand the issue of pushing same sex couples onto Strictly. Ballroom and Latin dancing, like football, like tennis, like badminton, is a sport.

It may seem a little less like a sport than the three examples I’ve given, with the glamourous outfits and the feel-good music, but it’s a competitive sport nonetheless.

As Judge Rinder, a gay man and former Strictly contestant, said in the news last week, would we expect gay tennis players in mixed doubles to have to play with a partner of their own sex? Of course not.

But many may point out the fact that dancing has an element of romance – whereas tennis does not.

That’s fair, and while a lot of professional dance couples are actually husband and wife or partners, a lot of them are not. They are just friends, they are even siblings. My other half danced at national level with his sister in 10-Dance (all five ballroom and all five Latin dances). Gay, straight, bisexual, transgender – it didn’t matter when it came to the competition.

I believe one day we may see same sex couples on Strictly. It’s an extremely popular show watched by thousands, and it would, again, help future generations understand and believe that anything is possible. Men can dance with men if they want and women can dance with women.

But when it does happen, I hope it is done fairly and because it’s the right thing to do – rather than making it a political statement, or a publicity stunt.

Being gay is so absolutely normal for my generation, why should we make a big deal of it?