We’ve gone away for a mini two-day Cornish break with David’s family.

A six hour drive from Birmingham last night (in Friday rush hour traffic) became all worth it when we arrived at a little cottage, tucked away off the beaten track, at the very top of a scarily steep hill.

We ate a hurried meal, and collapsed into bed tired from a long journey. I remember noticing how pitch black and quiet the room was, a stark contrast to our bedroom in Birmingham, with the bright lights of next door’s hotel beaming through the window and the clinking glasses and laughing punters at the pub next door.

Today, I’ve felt like I’m on holiday.

We started off exploring the little, picturesque harbour of Mevagissey, sifting through the shells in the gift shop, and taking selfies in front of the ocean.

We paid the little local attractions a visit – the free museum and the marine aquarium. Both just like Mevagissey – quaint and perfectly small.

Fish and chips were a must for lunch – which we ate with our legs dangling over the edge of the harbour, giving plucky seagulls the evil eye as they edged towards us bravely.

We ate ice cream; mint, raspberry, caramel crunch, and wandered through all the hidden back alleys trying to find a restaurant for our evening meal.

And of course, on arriving home, and tackling the almost vertical hill on foot, we all slept heavily.

I’ve just woken up, still in my pyjamas, and slowly coming back to life while watching an episode of Pointless Celebrities.

I’m thinking it may be time for glass of wine… I’m on holiday after all.