It is Freshers’ Week in Birmingham.

I know this because I live very close to – practically on top of – Broad Street (for non-Brummies this is the road where the majority of the nightclubs and bars are based).

We’ve lived here a year now and are very attuned to the screaming clubbers and pounding music on Friday and Saturday nights.

But once a year the screaming clubbers and pounding music come out to play ALL week.

This week.

I honestly feel like I live inside a theme park tonight. Or a horror film.

I’m sitting here, in my pyjamas, laptop open, glasses resting on the bridge of my nose, glass of wine balancing precariously on the edge of the sofa… and now and then I’ll hear a blood curdling scream that causes me to look out the window in genuine alarm. Then, the scream is followed by hammering music and manic laughter and I turn my attention swiftly back to my laptop.

It’s only half past 9 which baffles me. And it’s a Thursday. Do people not pre-drink anymore?

I also feel old even though I am in no way old. I think I might actually feel a bit nostalgic about Freshers’ Week. I want to be out there without a care in the world, with only one lecture to attend tomorrow which I probably won’t even go to anyway. I want to have a Domino’s pizza at 3am and talk about which bar we’ll start at tomorrow, because you don’t get crippling hangovers at age 18.

However… saying all that… I also want to be snug in bed by 11pm. I don’t want to be sick ever again and the thought of doing a tequila shot on a Thursday night makes me feel a bit cold and clammy.

I’ll probably just stick to what I usually do. Drink wine casually most nights in my pyjamas and get absolutely hammered once a year on my birthday.