1) It’s a meal in minutes. Throw chicken and peppers in a pan, add spicy fajita mix,  bung wraps into the microwave for 40 seconds and bob’s your uncle, there’s your dinner. Not only is it super quick but it also feels a) healthy due to the peppers and wraps (because wraps don’t feel as carby as potatoes or rice, even though they likely are) and b) exotic, like you are a Mexican kitchen goddess.

2) It smells so good. As soon as that mysterious little packet of “fajita mix” goes in with the chicken and starts making that very delicious sizzling sound, my boyfriend is all suddenly like “omg, that smells AMAZING.” I act casual of course and say “oh, yeah, I guess it does” when I secretly know I hold all the power at that exact moment. I am the fajita provider.

3) They taste fantastic. Smoky barbecue chicken and peppers, thrown in a wrap, smothered in cheese, salsa and sour cream… I’m making myself hungry and I’ve just eaten three.

4) Minimal cleaning. One pan, one chopping board. I guess maybe two plates to eat the fajitas off. Unless you have paper towels instead to wrap them in. Or just eat it over the kitchen sink like a monster…

Hungry for fajitas yet??

Happy Wednesday 😋🥙