I said I was going to blog about pie today didn’t I? I’m very sorry, I changed my mind. Although, if you want to read a little bit about my trip to the Pie Factory, I’ve written a little taster at the bottom of this piece.


Maybe it’s because I’m tired already, but I wanted to write about sleep.

I like to sleep. A lot.

When you’re little you moan and complain about going to bed but, as a person in her mid-twenties, I’d honestly love to tuck myself in and turn out the light at 9pm sometimes.

And maybe I would, if I didn’t live with a permanent night owl.

David also likes to sleep. But at completely opposite times of the day to me.

He’d be perfectly content with heading to bed at 2am (maybe later) on a weekend, and then getting up at midday the next day.

As you can imagine, this can sometimes lead to a couple of slight disagreements between us…

Such as, he’ll want to watch a film or an episode of Grimm/Stranger Things/The Defenders with me, and it’ll be midnight and my eyes will already be half closed. I’ll usually have to decline and go to bed, instructing him to not sneakily watch an episode without me, or I’ll fall asleep while we watch and have to catch up the next day.

Or, at the other end of the scale, I’ll want to head out for a coffee somewhere at 11am in the morning and it’ll take bribes, real tears, threats and splashes of cold water to even get him to stir out of bed.

But other days, our differing sleep patterns work wonderfully. David wants to have four hours of uninterrupted PS4 time? Without that little nagging voice in the background? (“When are you coming off? Can I watch Gilmore Girls? Give me a cuddle!”) He can just log in at 11.30pm when I’m already snoring.

And if I fancy a morning of coffee, brioche and multiple episodes of Gilmore Girls? Perhaps I want to rewatch Pride and Prejudice again or sing along to Moana in peace. Well, I can do so from 9am onwards no issue.

In a way, it’s not a bad thing that we both like sleeping at different times now and then…



p.s. The Pie Factory, in Tipton yesterday, was fantastic 😋 I had the Andy Murray ‘curry’ pie – which came topped with a naan bread instead of pastry. Honestly wish I was eating it again now. David went for the Desperate Dan Pie Challenge – a 4lb pie filled with steak, potatoes, veg and gravy. He described it as a ‘snack’ despite receiving a certificate congratulating him for demolishing it alone. But I think that’s down to his monster appetite rather than the pie being small… All in all, I highly recommend a visit!