As of today, I’m officially half way through my September Blogging Challenge. Hooray!

For those who aren’t aware, I’ve set myself the task of publishing one article for every day of September 2017 – to get me in the habit of writing regularly.

I’m enjoying it, and it’s fun to see how far my imagination can stretch (not very far sometimes… especially after a glass of wine on a Friday evening, hence why I’m writing this before I get to that point).

Here’s a quick “behind the scenes” update on how it’s all going…

Most popular post of the month so far

“Day 13 – my first ever rejection” and “Day 14 – 80 days to go until my first ever ballroom competition” are both at the top, with 45 views each.

The ballroom one I can understand – I shared it on Facebook and my lovely friends, pleased to see me so happy about dance success, clicked to have a read (I’m guessing). But why was the rejection one so popular? Was it the unintentionally teasing title? The slightly amusing picture of teenage me? The hilarious thought of me being rejected?!
I’d love to know… (please tell me why you clicked!)

Least popular post of the month so far

“Day 7: A week of no sleep for me…” came bottom with a mere 10 views.

I think I know why – I posted it at 11.30pm! It had been a busy night and I hadn’t prepared (foolish, I know). I went straight from work to a dance lesson and then straight to radio training… by the time I arrived home and bolted down some spaghetti carbonara, it was nearing Day 8 and I had to frantically type out a blog post. Lesson learned!

Here’s to the next 15 days. If you’re still here at the half way point, thank you! I really hope you keep visiting.

I’d also love some feedback. What do you enjoy reading about? (apart from me being rejected, of course…)

Send me an email on or comment below.

Have a very happy Friday night!