It is happening.

I am being unleashed onto the dance floor for real!

Ever since taking part in a charity dance show during spring 2016 (where I discovered both a love for ballroom and also met my now other half, David), I’ve been gradually trying to learn a little bit more in my new found hobby.

In the last year I’ve braved two medal tests (bronze one and bronze two), and learnt how to be bouncy in a samba, romantic in a rumba, and when to use a heel or toe (or toe lower – ooh) in the waltz.

It’s fabulous fun, and I’ll say it now – as I’ve been told I won’t feel like this for long – I am SO excited for my first proper competition.

It’s a little friendly one (to break me in gently), and only 20 minutes from my house.

I get to dance with David (unsure if he is as thrilled with this as I am), wear a sparkly dress and start doing serious double lessons once a week.

I have a lot of work to do (and so does David, I have warned him many times) so I better get on with it…

80 days doesn’t seem like a lot!