Today has been one of those days. A bad start at work put me in a sour mood and I haven’t been able to quite shake it. I’m also waiting on an email I now believe may never arrive, and I’m trying not to let it get me down.

When I have days like this, I make myself a few small promises for when I get home.

Things like, “I promise you can get straight into your pyjamas and wrap yourself like a little burrito in a blanket – screw the dishwasher! Leave those dishes in there overnight, who cares” or “you know, I think you deserve some pizza for doing so well today. Actually I think you deserve a large pizza from Domino’s with chicken kickers on the side and cookies also”.

These little promises keep me going. I might change my mind when I eventually get home, but it makes me feel so, so much better when it’s only 10.15am and I’m seething at my desk.

Tonight I have made myself many promises, and it’s cheered me up considerably.

Have you had a pants day?

Just pick one of these from the list and I promise your happiness will rocket straight up at least 70% (like on that game, the Sims).

  • Buy yourself your favourite food or drink on your way home from work. I’m getting Peach Frizzante from M&S, and no-one will stop me.
  • Don’t do any chores. Not even one. Need a clean shirt for tomorrow? Give that one you wore today a swift spray of deodorant and you’re good to go, my friend. Dinner needs cooking? Demand your partner/housemate/parent/Domino’s pizza chef do it. Tonight is not your night for hard work, pal.
  • Be snug. Get in your jams. Find the fluffiest pair of socks in the house and wear them to death, maybe even put another pair of socks underneath for maximum comfort. Wrap a blanket around yourself so tightly it becomes impossible to even reach your drink. Ask whoever is nearby to pass it to you whenever you need a sip (or get a very long straw). And if there is someone there to pass you a drink, they might even give you a cuddle too (if you ask politely).
  • Don’t think about work, or emails, or the fact that woman in Pret A Manger was rude to you at lunch. Sink into someone else’s drama, whether it be disastrous cakes with soggy bottoms, cheating husbands, or people sobbing on remote islands. Perfection.
  • Have a bath. I know some people don’t like baths, but I adore them. Is there really anything better in this world than sinking into a tub of deliciously hot water, with a billion bubbles to melt away your troubles? (well, maybe there’s one thing better but I’m not sure I can say that here. My mum reads my blog guys).


Have a happy Tuesday evening everyone.