1) I can’t emphasise this one enough – do NOT pour yourself another glass of wine because you’re upset you don’t know what to write about. The last puff of my creativity has now been sucked up by that final (delicious) gulp of Pinot. Thanks very much.

2) Don’t distract yourself with Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Reddit because before you know it, the time is 7.30pm and the last time you checked it was only half 4. And you’ve spent the last three hours reading about how ‘worriedwife1234’ on Reddit thinks her husband is sleeping with the Vice President of his hiking club. Good drama, but evening wasted.

3) Stop procrastinating – I’ve just changed out of my pyjamas (on a Sunday night) and into my jeans and I’m heading to the basement to practice my waltz for tomorrow’s dance lesson. Yes, it’s excellent practice and I’ll be so pleased when it comes to my lesson. But I still haven’t written my blog! One thing at a TIME.

4) Stop making excuses – now that you’ve written the word ‘basement’ you’ve remembered many key scenes of ‘It’ – the new Stephen King clown film that scared you beyond belief the other night (see previous blog with a review of ‘It’ here) and you’re wondering if it’s safer just to call it a day and go to bed.

This September Blogging Challenge is harder than I thought.

How many times have I said that already?

But here, look, I’ve turned my crippling writer’s block into a nice, concise Sunday night blog. And I’m even still going to practice my waltz!

Success ✔️ Achieved (just about).

Have a restful Sunday night 😴