I really don’t like it when films/books/shows/restaurants are hyped up. I don’t think anyone does. It ruins the experience a little when you actually get round to visiting/reading/watching whatever it is.

For example, your mate says, “ohhhh, that pizza place is AMAZING – you’re going to love it, it’s the best pizza I’ve EVER eaten” and you go along all excited and starving for the best pizza of your life… and then… no. For whatever reason the waitress assigned to your table is being snobby, the chef had an argument with his girlfriend before he started his shift and isn’t on top form, and you’re sat in between a red faced man with a booming laugh and a teething baby.


It was not the best pizza you’ve ever had. And your mate bigged it up so much, that you were left thoroughly disappointed.

I’ve been there.

So, I’m not going to big up ‘It’. I’m not going to say it was UTTERLY TERRIFYING and you WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SLEEP AGAIN.

I’m just going to tell you what I honestly thought.

Disclaimer – in the words of my boyfriend, I am a “wetter” (A word I only learnt upon moving to Brum). Bear this in mind while reading the below.


I was UTTERLY TERRIFIED while watching ‘It’.

Sorry, it’s just the truth.

I’ve seen scary movies before. Me and my housemates at university used to watch all the ‘Paranormal Activity’ films (multiple times) and joke about them. We even tried to recreate one once (spoiler, it involved my friend wearing a white sheet over her head and wasn’t scary at all).

Before last night, if you’d asked me what film had scared me the most, I would have said ‘The Grudge’. I remember watching it when I was 19-years-old, with the same housemates. We all got snuggly in the kitchen with blanket and pillows and screamed and laughed while we watched it. But then, when I had to get in my little single room, in my little single bed all by myself, I was petrified.

I lay in bed, it was gone midnight and most of the girls had gone to sleep. Every light in my room was on. Everything was bright yellow, blinding almost, yet I was no way going to change that.
Inevitably, though, the girl who roomed across from me got ready to shut her door. She looked at me pitifully, with my covers pulled up to my chin, her eyes saying “sorry” as she closed me out, leaving me alone with my hideous imaginations.

Have you seen the Grudge? I feel like it breaks the number 1 rule of horror. You should ALWAYS be safe under the covers in bed. But, in this film, you’re not. A woman runs to the bed and hides under her duvet (assuming safety) and The Grudge – a horribly creepy Japanese monster woman – slithers up the end of the bed and jumps out into her face. Ugh. It gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

But I’m going off topic.

‘It’ is now the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. The Grudge has been demoted to second place, after proudly holding the top title for more than six years.

I can’t quite describe it, but seeing that clown (played absolutely sublimely by Bill Skarsgård by the way), with his huge red lips, his rows of razor teeth, his yellow eyes… on that colossal Cineworld screen… it was just too much.

It scared me like nothing ever had before. I actually made comical gasping noises, my legs jumped more times than I can count, I couldn’t even sip my Tango Ice Blast at any point throughout in fear I’d knock blue slush everywhere. I gently placed my hand on my boyfriend’s leg romantically at the start of the movie, and half way through was gripping it like a it was the throat of my mortal enemy.

And when we were at home… the fear continued. I wanted to leave the lights on but was too embarrassed to admit it. So I settled with opening the blinds a fraction, so that the brightly lit windows of Jury’s Inn opposite beamed into our bedroom. I held David tighter than I possibly ever had, and instructed him to fall asleep ONLY when I was safely snoring.

I even remember waking up in the night and leaving my eyes firmly closed in case I opened them to find myself staring into the yellow bulging eyeballs of Pennywise the clown.


Despite all this though, I’m ready to read the book now (I know, when will I learn?)

I had given it a few attempts in the past but had to stop a couple of chapters in as I’d become too afraid to park in our basement car park by myself.

Remember – wetter.

Have you seen ‘It’ yet? What did you think?