This here, just above you, is my “outfit of the day”.

  • A Steel Panther t-shirt – from Steel Panther concert October 2016 when the group came to Barclaycard Arena in Brum. I’d never even heard of them until I met my boyfriend, David, but their songs are pretty hilarious – if midly offensive – and this t-shirt is so very soft;
  • Men’s Hugo Boss PJ trousers (these are David’s – I bought them for £92 from Selfridges for his 28th birthday – and I wear them more than him, oops – also I spent £92 on pyjamas, did I just write that?)
  • White ankle socks from Sports Direct (multipack, also men’s – yes, also David’s – but socks are socks at the end of the day).

So there we are. My outfit of the day. It’s not glamourous or smart like the zebra heels and tailored dress I wore to work earlier. But it’s still my favourite outfit today. It’s the sort of get up everyone should be wearing while it’s heaving it down with rain outside. Just needs a toasty sweater on top.

I got this post idea from an article titled “100 Lifestyle Blog Ideas” as I was slightly lacking in imagination tonight.

I thought it sounded fun – mainly because those who know me will understand I am in no way a fashionista.

One time seven years ago, on the way to catch the bus to sixth form, my designer-label-wearing-brother told me to tuck my socks back into my wellies as he couldn’t be seen with me looking so hideous.

Socks sticking out of wellies – I think you can imagine the sort of person I was in sixth form. I had short bright blonde hair and wore earrings the shape of flip flops. My clothes all came from New Look, Tesco or Dorothy Perkins. I wore big black welly-type boots with these awesome purple and blue legwarmers poking out the top. And I got in a mega grump with my brother that morning.

I haven’t ever really had an interest in fashion. When buying teen magazines 10 years ago I would skip straight over the clothes, make-up and hairstyle pages and bury myself in the ‘real life true stories’ section. You know, the ones that had titles like “My teacher married my mum, and then had an affair with my BROTHER”. Good reads.

Even last year, when I was 24, David very bluntly told me I was wearing a jumper the colour of sick. How cruel. I would have called it more of a “mushy pea green”.

So, I guess you could call this my first (and possibly last) fashion blog post. Which is quite exciting. And this September challenge needs to be varied after all.

Anyone up for sharing their outfit of the day? Comfy/smart/retro/designer – what do you like to wear? (I was about to write, “what are you wearing right now?” But that sounds really creepy).

See you tomorrow!