I read once if you want to appear super confident when walking into a room full of people, pretend everyone likes you.

So, that was my strategy as I walked into my first Brum Bloggers co-working event tonight: “everyone already loves me”. Sounds a bit cocky doesn’t it? But it worked.

I met some wonderfully interesting bloggers thanks to just saying hello and proffering my hand to everyone at my table. There was a fitness writer, a tarot card reader, several food and drink writers, a radio show presenter, a lifestyle blogger, a personal stylist, a mummy vlogger… and I’m sure so many more I didn’t even get to say hello to.

I wasn’t particularly as productive as I thought I’d be (hence the short post) but I was pleased about that. If I’d written a really long, rambling post you would have instantly known I hadn’t spoken to ANYONE. To be honest, it was hard enough writing this while trying to be in the conversation – I’m clearly rubbish at multi-tasking.

Jay Dee, who blogs at jaydeesays.com (we didn’t realise but we already followed each other on Twitter!)

But I did meet people: I met Jay Dee (above) who blogs about fitness, fashion and lifestyle.

I met Emily and Sinead, below, who were both wonderfully funny and seemed to know far more about Birmingham than I feel I ever will.

Emily (left) and Sinead who blog at emily-jayne.com and youtube.com/sineadlatham

Of course, there were more. Laura, Ting and Ryan (who I recognised way more when they told me their Twitter names were @FullToTheBrum @The_Ting_Thing and @brummiegourmand).

It felt like all the bloggers I met were their own little brilliant community, discussing everything from Noel Fielding in Bake Off, to making cashew butter in Whole Foods, to the ups and downs of service stations across the U.K.

I’m looking forward to hopefully becoming a part of it.

A fabulous first Brum Bloggers meeting – thank you so much to Laura and Ting for organising and making me feel so welcome!

(I definitely won’t be live blogging next time though… unless I can learn to multitask in a week).