So, this Willy Wonka meme definitely sums me up right now.

I’ve been so picky with my recent blog posts; criticising them, shredding them apart in my mind, writing a few lines and then deleting it all. I’m this close to printing all my drafts out and red-penning each one.

I figured it’s all well and good to be tough on yourself – to only want to print your best work – but I’m not printing anything. My last post was weeks ago. To the outside world – to you guys – I could have given up on my blog, just called it a day.

So for the entirety of September I’ve decided to post once a day – for 30 days straight. To show you I’m still alive mainly.

Some posts may be creative works of genius that make you clutch your phone/laptop/desktop in awe. Some may be a few lines about the type of coffee I chose in Tesco. We’ll see. But at least I’ll be writing.

So here’s to Day One of my September Blogging Challenge.

Have a happy weekend everyone 😃🥂

I’ll see you tomorrow!