Megan Jane Archer; it’s not the most extravagant name. Not like Beyoncé or Madonna or, say, Joaquin Phoenix.

But it’s my name, the one I was born with. It’s my identity – and I’ve always been pleased with it. It’s a good name. A 10/10, as names go. Also I wouldn’t really want to be called Joaquin. What a bugger to spell.

So, here are some “facts” about my name. Because why not.

🏹 Megan Archer is an excellent name for a journalist. “And now with your local news, I’m Megan Archer”. It sounds professional, official. It’s nothing soft… like Megan Cuddles (is there anyone out there called Megan Cuddles!?)

🏹 Megan means ‘pearl’, while the origin of Jane means ‘gracious’ or ‘merciful’. Hmm. ‘Archer’ means ‘professional bowman’ which I definitely am (bowwoman rather).

One of my favourite Archers

🏹 Megan is a Welsh name. But I am not Welsh, as I explained to the customers at Dobbies Garden World repeatedly. Standing behind the till age 16 with my little name badge pinned to my maroon polo shirt, a red-faced man lugging sacks of compost would boom “MEGAN. A good WELSH name. Are YOU Welsh?” No, I am not, sir. I am an eighth Scottish though.

🏹 It’s an easy name to spell out – not that I have to. I just say “Megan Archer, like it sounds”. Sometimes people will query if there’s an H, E or Y hidden in there. Meghan, Meagen, Megyn. No, thankfully, although they do look quite pretty. Not like me. Haha, just kidding, I am really, exquisitely pretty.

🏹 I may have been born Megan Raffle. My late Grandad was born Derrick Archer, and adopted into a family named Raffle. When he was old enough, he was asked whether he wanted to keep Archer, or take on Raffle. His decision made my name what it is today.

🏹 I don’t often use the “Jane” in my name, but decided to pick @meganjanearcher for my Twitter account name. The handle @meganarcher was taken (that Megan Archer last tweeted in October 2016 – what a waste). Then I just kept using it; for Instagram, Pinterest, and now my blog. Sometimes I use it when making a dramatic speech to my boyfriend, e.g. “Do you promise to love me and only me, Megan Jane Archer, for the rest of your days?” You know, that sort of thing.

🏹 Before I was born there were plans to call me Megan Emma Archer, with my middle name after my mother. But in quite a sweet turn of events, I was born on her younger sister Jane’s 21st birthday – and my parents decided to name me after her, Megan Jane.

🏹 There was even an idea to name me Georgia May, apparently. Until Georgia May Jagger was selfishly born 8 days before me, and Mum and Dad figured they didn’t want to look like copycats.

The name thief, aka Georgia May Jagger

🏹 My two brothers’ favourite joke is that I was “almost” called Brown (I refuse to believe this). Because, so say, I would have brown hair, eyes and freckles. Silently thanking my parents for eventually coming to their senses. Mainly because my hair is blonde so it would have been pure nonsense.

🏹 In truth, my dad didn’t even want Megan as my name at first. “People will call her Meg” he grumbled. But he was soon persuaded. Everyone does call me Meg. My dad included.

🏹 If I had been born a boy, I would have been called Jack (Jack Archer – bet I would have been a pretty cool boy to be honest).

I won’t get to keep my name forever though, not on paper anyway. I know, I know, it’s the 21st Century and all. If I do get married I CAN keep my name, of course I can. I could double barrel, make up a new name, whatever (something perhaps my great great grandmother Ethel Dunford should have done, after marrying a man named Mr Bethel).

But personally, when I get married, I want to take my husband’s surname (as long as it’s not Smegan, or Toilet). I’m a sucker for nice, romantic tradition.

I think I’d miss Archer, but I’d be comforted in the knowledge I have two brothers to take it into the future. Plus, I once interviewed a woman whose grandson’s first name was Archer (cute idea).

If I married my boyfriend David, not only would we serve curry and Domino’s at our wedding, but my name would become Megan Fox (which my friends take great delight in pointing out when they realise).

I like that though – nice and snappy like Megan Archer. Doesn’t mean I like Megan Fox the actress. She annoyed me in Transformers when she lounged on that motorbike in a mini skirt pretending to be a mechanic and that’s enough to annoy me for life.

What mechanic fixes stuff like this

At least (in my mind) I’d be way cooler than her. So when people are like “oh, it says in the diary we’re meeting Megan Fox today? Cool! I’m getting her autograph!” then when I show up they’ll be even more ecstatic. Because it is me.

What’s the story of your name? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below or tweet me @meganjanearcher