…and I’m not that nervous yet.

It usually kicks in about a week before, the crippling panic, the “what have we got ourselves into?!” questions, the last minute pasta shovelling.

But at the moment, I’m surprisingly quite chilled out.

For anyone visiting this blog for the first time (hello!) I’m taking part in Birmingham Great Run on October 15 (See HOW TO: (not) run a half marathon). It’ll be my third ever half marathon, but my first for what feels like a VERY long time.

I’ll be running with my boyfriend David (who competed as a teenager in 1500m and cross country for the UK) and my youngest brother Jake (a member of his university athletics club who also ran for our home county Gloucestershire when he was at school).

So yeah, I’m not feeling the pressure or anything…

David and I have been running together after work (#relationshipgoals) which, all joking aside, has actually been really nice. I get so bored running alone (music or no music) so it’s a really nice change having him there next to me.


Neither of us have run in a long time, and we’ve both eaten a fair amount of pizza, (no regrets) so we’re taking it slow – a few 5Ks here and there to break us in gently.

We’re trying to push ourselves further every time – so maybe this weekend could even see a 7K? (…we’ll see)


However, as well as trying to get fit and see more of the outdoors, we’ve decided to raise a bit of money for charity as well – and have chosen to support Birmingham’s Have a Hart: Help the Homeless.

I come from Cirencester originally, a small Cotswolds town, where I only remember seeing one person living on the streets. Growing up, I barely had any idea about homelessness, and that people all over the UK were sleeping rough every night.

When I moved to Birmingham a year ago, it was a complete and utter culture shock.

During the walk from my home near Broad Street, to where I currently work in the city centre, I encounter at least three people sleeping on the street. And often four or five at the end of the working day.

We live, no exaggeration, 500 yards from a cinema. Yet the other day, on walking from our home to Cineworld, we came across FOUR homeless people – two men and two women.

I’m in no way getting used to it – and nor do I want to.

We only have two months to go until the big run, but anything we can raise for Have a Hart now is absolutely better than nothing at all.

Volunteers for the charity go out into the city every Saturday night to bring food, drink, and warm clothing to those sleeping on the streets. With autumn and winter approaching the nights are only going to get colder, which makes the work Have a Hart do even more crucial. And your support would be invaluable.

Please visit their page to have a look at the amazing work they carry out – www.haveahart.org.uk

I’m still in the process of sorting out a sponsorship form and other details, but if you would like to give a few pennies, please just let me know in person or via Facebook/Twitter, or email me at meganjanearcher@gmail.com