Something magical has happened! ✨

A while ago I wrote this post – How a peace lily taught me to keep going

To sum up, I went away for two weeks and came home to find my beloved peace lily at death’s door. I was devastated. The only plant I had ever managed to successfully look after for more than a week, and I’d killed it. I clearly just wasn’t cut out to be a plant owner…

But, in the end, it wasn’t quite as depressing as that. After a substantial amount of patience (something that doesn’t quite come naturally to me) and a good douse of water… my little lily slowly but surely came back to life.

And LOOK – as if the story couldn’t get any better – here’s what I discovered today.


Not only is my plucky plant looking a lot fresher, but it has grown a flower! A proper one, standing tall and strong. It’s as if my peace lily is saying “calm down Meg. Look, I’m fine. You can’t kill me that easily.”

Seeing this little flower made me so happy. It’s been 51 days since I came home to find this sorry sight…


And nothing has quite taught me the art of patience like watching my small potted plant come back to life.

There are so many things I’m excited for at the moment; the weekend, payday, Christmas (sorry, not sorry), the two days in September where I’ll be shadowing reporters at BBC Midlands Today (exciting!) but I’m learning not to rush time. It’s already going quicker than I’d like.

I would like something though – a name for my peace lily. It’s gone through so much, I think it deserves one!

I’d love to hear some ideas (although Lily is out of the question – we have more imagination than that surely?) Perhaps something beginning with P.

Pete, Paula, Polly?

What do you think?