I have a dead kitchen.

Sort of like a dead bedroom, except instead of boring (or very little) sex, there is boring (and very little) food.

I am on auto-pilot each week. Monday jambalaya, Tuesday spag bol, Wednesday curry, Thursday sausage pasta, Friday takeaway time. Saturday and Sunday usually consists of cold, leftover takeaway, or whatever we can pry from the depths of the freezer.

I lack adventure, creativity, pizzazz! My idea of pizzazz is putting an extra dash of paprika into the pasta sauce. Or a splash of ketchup (don’t judge me).

And when I do try and be creative, I only end up wishing I’d made my trusty jambalaya again (for the 400th time).

For example, the other night I tried to whip up a Japanese katsu curry as a treat – as David had received some good news at work. I envisioned it tasting just like the heavenly katsu dish at Yakinori, a tiny little Japanese eatery in Birmingham Grand Central (one I try very hard not to go to every lunch break).

In short, it did not taste anything like Yakinori. David, bless him, wolfed it down and said ‘thankyouverymuch, that was lovely’. But, after a lot of suspicious questioning from my end, he later changed ‘lovely’ to ‘OK’.

I decided we would just get a nice Deliveroo cyclist to bring us Yakanori straight from the station next time.

So any tips would be more than welcome on how to bring life back into my dead kitchen. FYI I can also make fajitas (but who can’t?), and my sausage casserole is pretty warming (thanks Hairy Bikers).

What are your go-to recipes?



Note – The featured image is indeed me, in a restaurant kitchen. But it is very staged, for a newspaper feature I was writing. I couldn’t even tell you what I was sprinkling into that dish. It’s likely it was thrown straight to the cats after the shoot.