After two weeks abroad I came home to this.


I was devastated. My poor, lovely, little peace lily. I had thought giving it a healthy watering before jetting off to Turkey for 14 nights would be enough, but it looked so sad when I got home, I almost felt like crying.

“It’s dead!” I cried to David in despair. “This is the only plant I’ve ever been able to look after and it’s dead!”

David calmly filled the watering can and told me to give it a good drink. “It’ll perk up” he reassured me.

But I was having a hard time believing him. My little peace lily. It had been a ‘happy moving in’ gift from David’s parents when we signed the lease on our new apartment a year ago. I had kept it happy and green for one whole year – a big achievement for me (my former plants are all living at my mother’s house after coming close to death’s door – thankfully, they are now flourishing).

Later that night, glancing guiltily at my poor, forlorn plant sitting sadly by the window, I texted my Mum (my miracle plant healer) to ask what she thought.

She echoed David’s advice; “give it a good drink and leave it for a while.”

But I almost couldn’t give it a chance. To me, hope was lost. How could it come back? But, curiosity won and I let it sit there.

The picture below was taken only a week later.









I was elated. My beautiful peace lily was coming back to life. The leaves looked greener, healthier. I’d been told to be patient, to give it a chance, and it had worked. And it’s still getting stronger each day.

Patience, staying hopeful, and not giving up. It may be small, it may sit unobtrusively in a tea cup next to my balcony window but my peace lily appears to have taught me something momentous.

How many times have I heard this being said but never listened? Good things take time.

There have been moments in my life when I’ve felt like giving up. I remember a month ago sitting in the park on my lunch break, scrolling through Twitter. I noticed a girl I knew from home had been offered her dream job, the same job I had been striving for.

And I suddenly just felt hopeless.

I thought, pitifully, maybe it was time to give up on that dream – I clearly wasn’t getting anywhere.

But now, I think how foolish that sounded. I’m 25-years-old, I’ve only been in the workplace four years! And to think already what I’ve achieved, the exams I’ve passed, the experience I’ve gained, the skills I’ve learnt. It astonishes me. It makes me proud.

I am young and I am still finding my place in this world. It will take time, it will take patience, and I will need to stay hopeful.

There will be times when I feel low, when I feel like packing it all in and just taking the easy route, but when this happens I’m going to remember to look at my peace lily. And remember not to ever give up again.