I haven’t blogged since May 11 and had all but given up. I couldn’t think of that one perfect idea, so what was the point? Why would I ever publish something I didn’t think was absolute perfection?

But why does it need to be perfect? I’ve been thinking a lot today – it’s been one of those days where my brain has been constantly whirring – and I’ve come to a halting realisation; no other aspect of my life is perfect.

I don’t have the perfect job, nor a flawless body. My relationship has its ups and downs, as I’m sure many others do. My Latin dancing is still very sub-standard (why won’t my feet turn out when I tell them?) but I’m getting there.

That’s it. I’m getting there. I’m working every day towards my dream career, I’m learning to love my body and the incredible things it can do (I went river canyoning today and managed to haul myself up a waterfall!). I work every day to be a supportive partner to my other half. And I’m taking my second medal test in ballroom and Latin dancing in August.

My blog doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs me to work at it, to write often, to get my jumbled thoughts out and into some sort of order.

Absolute perfection is so hard to obtain, and even harder to maintain. So instead of constantly envisioning the best, I’m just going to keep going.

One step at a time.